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Welcome to Electricity Shark – one of Texas’ leading energy comparison websites specialising in helping you to keep your costs as low as possible.

With energy prices higher than ever before, it’s never been quite as important to make sure that you save money whenever possible; and that’s where we come in.

There are dozens of energy providers in the State – and although you might only hear about a few of the biggest names, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there.

We like to think of the energy marketplace as an ocean. You can keep to the shallows or you can venture out a little – just in case there are more appealing energy options on the horizon.

How we compare the rates paid for electricity

We are a comparison website through and through. We get to grips with the latest deals and energy packages on the market – and we’ll take a bite out of what’s available to present you with some of the fairest options that you can come across online.

We partner with an incredible range of energy suppliers across the State and compile the most up to date information to ensure that whoever you go for, you’ll stand the highest chance of finding the cheapest deal out there.

We work with the biggest suppliers of electricity in Texas

We work with the biggest names in the industry, but they really are just the tip of the iceberg as we also work with independent suppliers, general energy distributors, and much more; so wherever you are in Texas, and however much you’d like to save, we’ll probably have the ideal candidate at the top of our net just waiting to reduce your energy bills.

Compare rates for residential and commercial customers alike

Purchase is not necessary to do a free comparison.  No purchase is necessary.

Although we initially started out by servicing individual clients in and around Texas, we quickly realized just how many people were in need of an honest, reliable comparison website that they could trust – and that’s when Electricity Shark took to the waves.

Over the years we’ve expanded our services to cater to residential energy customers, as well as businesses and enterprises; in fact, if you need personal and professional advice from industry insiders – we can certainly help.

Searching the electric rate tariffs

We make searching for the ideal energy tariff easy, and you could perform your own search in a matter of seconds – all before choosing from dozens of affordable, flexible energy suppliers that could save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each year.

No one likes to be overcharged for a service and unfortunately, tariffs can differ from home to home. Unless you do the research, you could end up paying much more than someone else on your street – or even right next door.

And that’s why we pride ourselves on helping you to compare your options with minimal fuss, and without any obligation to go ahead with a tariff.

Why use Electricity Shark

We cut through the confusion and hone in one the most appealing options out there, just like a shark detects blood from a mile away.

But unlike our namesake, we won’t bite if you need our help – in fact, we encourage our visitors to get in touch with us if they have any questions, or if they could do with a little support when changing tariffs.

Whoever you are, whether you own a home and are fed up of expensive energy prices, or if you run a business and want to ensure that your overheads are as low as possible; our free to use online comparison tools can be a great way to keep your costs down.

To learn more about us, please feel free to browse through our website – and if you have any comments or inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are Electricity Shark, and helping you to enjoy the cheapest tariff is our top priority. There’s no safer way to dive into the unknown than with a friendly shark at your side to find the cheapest electric rates in Texas, Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth, Odessa, Killeen, Abilene, Laredo, and Midland.

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