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How Much Could You Save with a Cheaper Electricity Tariff In Texas

Every year, plenty of home and business owners find themselves stung by electricity bills – so much so in fact, that it’s been estimated that a whopping $1.2 billion a year gets charged to consumers unnecessarily.

At Electricity Shark we genuinely hate the idea of people being overcharged for the exact same level of electricity that they’d find cheaper with another provider; and that’s why we set up this website.

By helping people like you to compare your options, you could find yourself saving a small fortune – and that’s really not an exaggeration.

Two of the biggest obstacles standing in your way when considering a switch to another tariff or energy supplier are time and uncertainty.

First of all, you might be reluctant to spend days or even weeks comparing energy options out there and even if you do find one; will you be punished by your supplier for daring to switch?

Switching Electricity Suppliers To Save Money On Your Electricity Tariff

The one thing that you need to know is that in Texas, and where the energy market is deregulated, you as a home owner or business manager are entitled to decide on who you pay for your energy – and for how long.

Some suppliers create contracts, but even these can be flexible – but that’s not what this page is about; in fact, what we are here to tell you is that by spending a bit of time comparing what’s on the market and then switching; you could save a small fortune.

How much you can save if you shop around for electric rates

This will depend on how much energy you consume, and whether you are a residential or commercial customer.

In most cases suppliers will try to be as competitive as possible, and that’s why it can be so important to take advantage of our free energy supplier comparisons.

You might find that one is cheaper for a few months and then another drops to an astounding low rate – and as you’ll be able to chop and change as you like, you won’t have to worry about getting tied down for longer than you have to.

We’ve worked with thousands of business and home owners over the years; in fact, our visitors come to us for help because we partner with some of the most prominent and effective energy suppliers in Texas, such as Bounce Energy, Cirro, and Pennywise Power to name just a few.

As we also work with a variety of smaller, but still just as effective, providers – so you’ll have an incredible range of options when deciding on who you want to go with next.

Over the years we’ve seen our visitors save anywhere between several hundreds of dollars, right through to over a thousand a year – and that’s without making any changes to their energy usage.

An average family could be charged an additional $1,000 a year, and then by switching to a cheaper supplier, their flow of electricity will remain the same – but their bills could be lower.

How can we help you to keep your costs low?

As we are a comparison website, we will offer transparency when it comes to evaluating the key differences between varying suppliers.

What this means is that the suppliers that we feature can’t hide any of their costs, nor can they attempt to offer extortionate prices – because if they do, they’ll simply miss out to other companies that offer lower costs to their customers.

This is how we can help you to make sure that what you pay for your energy usage is as low as possible.

We search far and wide for reputable suppliers and independent agencies, we get to know what they are offering, and we carefully collate this information to be taken advantage of by people looking to save money on their electricity bills.

We make sure that any provider that we feature remains competitive, because if they don’t, they lose out. Industry experts say that when suppliers compete, the consumer reaps the rewards. We couldn’t agree more, so why not take a look at our comparison calculator and see if you can find a much cheaper deal today?

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